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Hay Caps are innovative and simple hay bale covers made for large square bales. Our caps are a proven solution for hay protection with over 600 farmers using Hay Caps in Australia. Most farmers do not enjoy the hassle and safety hazard of climbing on top of a hay stack to apply outdoor hay bale tarps and having to replace tarps every season or two. Apply our covers to your bales while they're still resting safely at the ground level, then lift the bale into place on the top of the stack.  Each top bale gets its own cover as you build the stack!

Rigid, folded edges butt together, creating a roof over the bales. Each cap takes less than a minute to apply, and it allows for the convenience of storing hay almost anywhere. Our caps are made of heavy duty, UV resistant plastic that should last over 10 years.  That kind of durability makes our product the most economical solution on the market today for protecting your valuable resources from damage.

Hay Caps come in two sizes that cover 3x3, 3x4, and 4x4 bales and are being produced in Denver, Colorado ready for this farming season. They arrive complete with the simple hardware needed to prevent weather damage immediately.  Place your order for this innovative solution to cover your large square bales.  Call today!

on't Just Take Our Word For It

We first put some Hay Caps on 113 ton of field pea hay in October 2009. We sold a lot of it in Sep 2011. In this time the rainfall on the stack would have been 1200mm. The buyer, and ourselves, and our truck driver couldn't believe how well the bales had been preserved over that period. A little mouse and rabbit damage, but very little weather damage. We won't even bother thinking about an extra shed now. We have capped 300 tonne in 2010 and 300 ton in 2011 also.

I also really like how safe they are to use. Graham drives around in the paddock after the baler, putting a cap on every sixth bale and our contractor who stacks them does the rest.

Thank you for a good product.
Best wishes, Brenda

Northern Victoria, Australia